South Indian Cuisine Introduction & Ingredients video


Introduction & Ingredients

From prominent ingredients and spices to the signature techniques of roasting and grinding, Chef Koya at Ganapati shares the cultural distinctions of South Indian cuisine.

South Indian Cuisine Specialist equipment video


Specialist equipment: Idli maker & steamer

Chef Koya unveils the equipment synonymous with South Indian cooking. See the set-up of an Indian kitchen and learn the essentials for creating authentic Kerala cuisine.

South Indian Cuisine Fresh coconut milk video


Fresh coconut milk

Learn how to make your own coconut milk with these simple steps. This staple ingredient will inject some sweetness into any dish!

South Indian Cuisine Salmon Moolie Video


Salmon Moolie    

Master the moolie – a spicy fish dish found on almost any Kerala menu. Inject the flavors of South India into your salmon for a spiced coconut twist.

South Indian Cuisine Parippu Vadai Vegetarian video


Parippu Vadai  

Relish the crunch with Parippu Vadai, a common Keralan street-food blended with lentils and spices and served with sticky-sweet chutneys.