An introduction to pasta making


An Introduction

Italian Chef Alessandro Bay from Diciannove restaurant shows you what you need to create the perfect pasta, from the basic equipment to making the dough to cooking your pasta to perfection.

Pasta making. Setting up your kitchen


Setting up Your Kitchen

Learn how to set up your kitchen for pasta making, with tips on getting the right room temperature for perfect dough.

How to make pasta dough


How to Make Pasta Dough

Watch Chef Alessandro Bay make pasta dough from scratch simply and easily. You'll learn how to get the ratio of flour to eggs right every time and kneading the dough to just the right consistency. 

Pasta done properly. Making tagliatelle


Making Tagliatelle

Master the technique for rolling pasta, getting the right thickness and cutting the sheets into your desired shapes. Chef Alessandro Bay shows us how to make tagliatelle and tagliolini and shares tips on storing and freezing. 

Pasta done properly. Ragu Tagliatelle Ingredients & Cooking


Ragu Tagliatelle Ingredients & Cooking

Watch Chef Alessandro Bay make the Italian signature dish, tagliatelle with beef ragu, including top tips on cooking tagliatelle and using the pasta water to create a silky sauce.