An Introduction to The Art of grilling by Chef Abdul


An Introduction to Grilling

National Barbecue Champion, Chef Abdul Yaseen of Darbaar restaurant shows you how to become master of the grill. He’ll introduce you to the world of BBQ and grilling, teaching you all the techniques, equipment, skills and ingredients you need. From sourcing your ingredients to marinating fish to using the robata grill, there’s plenty here to get you started

Setting up your kitchen for grilling


Setting Up Your Kitchen for Grilling

Take a walk around the kitchen at Darbaar restaurant as Chef Abdul Yaseen shows you the essential equipment for good BBQ and grilling, from grilling on the robata to achieving perfect results in the tandoor oven.

.Sourcing quality ingredients for grilling


Sourcing Quality Ingredients

Chef Abdul Yaseen talks you through the importance of quality ingredients, from sourcing seasonally to storing spices for best results, as well as tips on how to ensure fish and meat are super fresh.

How to prep and marinate whole fish for grilling


How to Prep & Marinate Whole Fish

Learn the importance of preparing, seasoning and marinating whole fish to ensure top results on the grill.

Robata-grilled seabass with vegetables


Robata-Grilled Seabass with Vegetables

Learn how to grill and steam whole fish on the robata grill to ensure perfectly charred skin and tender flesh every time.