An Introduction to making Chinese Stiry-fry


An Introduction

Learn how to cook authentic tasting Chinese street-food with Chef Ning Ma at London’s Mamalan. Using her top tips, you can learn the secrets and top-tips behind two popular Northern Chinese dishes - fried vegetable balls and prawn & chilli stir-fry.

Setting up your kitchen to make a Chinese Stiry-fry


Setting Up Your Kitchen

Watch as Chef Ning Ma divulges the set-up and equipment behind her fast-growing Beijing restaurant. Revealed are the essential appliances responsible for cooking up authentic cuisine in a Western kitchen.

Making Deep-fried vegetable balls


Deep-Fried Vegetable Balls: part 1

Chef Ning Ma lays out the ingredients involved in the popular street-food -vegetable balls. From the basic ingredients you may know, to the secret ones that give the dish their flavour and authenticity.

Making Deep-fried vegetable balls part two


Deep-Fried Vegetable Balls: part 2

Be immersed within the step-by-step process as part two shows you how to recreate Mamalan’s crispy vegetable balls. Get to know inside tips, key techniques and guidance for the perfect plate-up and dish accompaniments.

Making Prawn & chilli stir-fry part 1


Prawn & Chilli Stir-Fry: part 1

Watch part one of how to make a prawn and chilli stir-fry for an introduction to ingredients. Learn the variations and role of soy sauce within oriental cuisine and the difference each variety has on the flavouring and consistency of a dish.

Making Prawn & chilli stir-fry part 2


Prawn & Chilli Stir-Fry: part 2

Follow in Chef Ning Ma’s footsteps as part two ushers you through the cooking process beginning-to-end. You will be advised on timings, pacing and set-up to final touches on garnishing and plating.