Food Safety. Methodology of Hazard analysis and critical control points


Understanding Food Safety


Most of the food poisoning problems we see in our kitchens are caused by food. But it is easy to win the fight against food poisoning and other diseases and to serve food and drinks from the kitchen without food safety problems. Want to know how to win? Watch this Chef tutorial and complete the Food Safety Chef course to better understand what  HACPP and food-hygiene in the kitchen mean. 

Food Safety 2 Basic Conditions of HACCP


Basic Conditions of HACCP


The practice of HACCP has its analysis and critical control points and gives you seven principles that helps you keeping your food safe. To make our work better, it is important that you follow all seven principles. Watch these Food Safety Guidelines now!

Food Safety 3 Reducing Complexity


Reducing Complexity


Learn how to simplify the food processes in your kitchen. 

Food Safety 4 Personal hygiene


Personal Hygiene


It is very important that all employees follow the rules of personal hygiene. Learn how you can avoid bad bacteria coming into your kitchen. 

Food Safety module 5 Receipt of deliveries




Let's start thinking about delivery of goods to your kitchen. An important part of food safety is choosing a good supplier that is following all the safety standards. 

Food Safety module 6 Storage




Food safety also includes storage, because each product requires their own way of storaging. Find out more in this video.

Food Safety module 7, Preparation




It is time to wash your hands! Preparation time is important for food safety and so you must follow these steps really carefully.

Food Safety Module 8 Regeneration




Sometimes you need to prepare food before the customer is ordering, so that they don't have to wait too long for their food. Learn here what steps we must take to keep this food safety. 

Food Safety module 9,.Service


To start


The care we followed in the preparation process must continue, because they way the dish is served and presented also needs food safety practices. Are you ready to start?

Food Safety 10 After service


After Service


After the service is finished we still need to take care of food safety practices. Learn more about it in this video. 

Food Safety 11 Removal of waste


Waste Removal


There is always a lot of waste we have after a service. This waste contains a lot of bacteria. Watch how you can best manage waste in this video.

Food Safety 12 Cleaning and maintenance


Cleaning and Maintenance


Following the steps in this video is very important and helps you to keep your kitchen clean. Learn more in this video.

Food Safety 13 Weekly log sheet


Weekly Log Sheets


Every thing we see is very important and needs to be recorded. Make sure HACCP is in place and has been logged correctly.

Food Safety module 14 Closure


Wrap up


We are almost at the end, well done!