1. Method:

    • Heat ½ the oil in a large, deep non-stick frying pan. cook chicken, in batches, until browned all over; keep it on a side.
    • Heat remaining ½ oil in a another deep pan. Add onion and bacon; cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until onion is softened; add peppers and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes.
    • Add garlic and paprika; cook for 1 minute or until fragrant; add flour, Stir to coat all over, cook for 1 minute.
    • Add Knorr tomato Pronto, Knorr Chicken Seasoning Powder, water, crack wheat; stirring until well combined. Season with cracked pepper; carefully transfer the chicken to the pot.
    • Cover with lid; cook on low for 2 hours.
    • Remove lid; add beans, cook for 15 minutes or until beans are tender; stir in sour. cream, Knorr Lime seasoning Powder; stand for 5 minutes to allow sauce to thicken.
    • Serve sprinkled with parsley.
  2. Step 2