Herbs are the leafy green or flowering parts of a plant and can be used dried or fresh. Commonly used to add flavour to sauces or added as a garnish, you’ll be on friendly terms with herbs like rosemary, basil or chive. These versatile herbs are easy additions to a dressing and make a real difference to sauces too. Woody herbs like thyme can be used in longer simmering dishes, while soft herbs like parsley can be eaten raw, or stirred into already cooked food. Herbs are the perfect addition to plant-based dishes, adding both flavour and texture to the plate.

Sprig of rosemary


Spices like cardamom, cumin, bergamot and anise are part of every chef’s armour. Spices come from the non-leafy bits of the plant – the root, bulb, or seeds - and add aroma, taste and texture to dishes. These pantry staples are perfect in curries but also work well over scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and stews. The sharp, distinct flavour of ginger adds a delightful kick to all kinds of recipes, while potent cumin can be an effective way to decrease sodium content of food – a growing concern among consumers. Explore the orchestra of flavours created when ginger, cardamom and cumin are combined in this Indonesian-inspired Nasi Briyani