Try these great burger trends, they’re tasty, exciting and your diners will love them.

Trend 1: Crunchy toppings 

A layer of crunch adds great texture to juicy burgers. Try adding chips, crispy vegetables or other deep fried foods.

Trend 2: Eggs on top

Bring together burgers and breakfast by popping a fried egg on top of your burger patty.

Trend 3: Experiment with buns

It’s not just toppings you can change. Try an alternative to your regular bun – think waffles, pretzel rolls or ciabatta.

Trend 4: Meat feast

This is a mighty burger trend. Pack an extra flavour punch by adding a second meat on top of a traditional burger patty.

Trend 5: It’s all in the sauce

Let your diners loose with the sauces. Serve burgers open face with a collection of condiments and see what combinations they create.

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