When a cricket game is in full swing, it’s no time to be serving formal three-course meals. What you need to think about is fun, fast food that can be eaten while your customers have one eye on the match and another interacting with friends.

Go for a combination of light bites, finger food and sharing plates, both hot and cold. Diners might want to nibble over a prolonged period (a cricket match is a long event after all), order small plates throughout the day if they’re in it for the long haul, or just add extra plates when more friends join them.



  • Finger food: deep-fried appetisers, sliders, and fries in paper cones
  • Street food: wraps, skewers, ribs, samosas
  • Bite sized international options: Croquettes, chicken wings, sausage rolls
  • Combination/sharing platters including veggie versions
  • A salad bar with different dressings, sprinkles and dips – this will appeal especially to vegetarians or people trying to eat more healthily

Special themed food and combinations that you don’t usually offer will add to the sense of occasion. Keep demand high with strategies such as limited time offers (LTOs) and happy hours.

These will work a treat:

An expanded menu and lots of different appetisers doesn’t have to mean lots of extra work for you. There are clever short cuts you can use while keeping quality consistent and standards high.