The Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 will be the must-see sporting event of the summer. Ten international teams will be competing, including Sri Lanka, and each team will play nine matches against their rivals before the top four teams progress to the semi-finals and final. Between 30 May and 14 July, a total of 48 matches will be played and televised, and your customers will want to watch as many as they can. If you’ll be screening the games, read on – we’ll show you how to make sure your restaurant is the one EVERYONE wants to come to, and how to maximise your income during this busy time.

  • Make sure you have large enough screen to show the matches! Make sure to place it in a way that everyone can see the action, no matter where they are sitting. Staff should be able to keep track of the action, too, so that they can monitor when there might be a rush of orders, or a rush for the washrooms.
  • Decorate your restaurant along a cricket theme – put up pictures and memorabilia, hang clothing from the ceiling, you could even think about having a cricket-themed playlist (believe it or not there are quite a few!), or you could play the traditional ‘Papare’ songs too.
  • Get the staff involved so that everyone is in the mood – provide waiting staff with team colours (Sri Lanka’s, or vary it according to the match being played that day), or fancy dress (such as cricket whites), so that they can be picked out in the crowd.
  • Run some irresistible food and beverage promotions and offers throughout the tournament. Activate promotions well before each match begins to lure more customers in.

Use your imagination! And your unique knowledge of your customer base. But here are some tried and tested ideas to get you started:

  • Tempt customers in with great promos such as buy one and get the Free Hit of the Day!, buy-one-get-one-half-price. Combination platters that will encourage large groups of friends through your doors.
  • Offer specials that you might not normally have on the menu, such as drinks pitchers, sharing plates, and event themed food
  • Run some cricket-themed competitions to engage your diners (e.g. a quiz, raffles, or predictions of scores) use the prizes to keep customer interested in coming back: A voucher to spend at your restaurant during the NEXT match (or at some point later in the tournament)
  • Everyone loves free stuff! Give away FREE MERCHANDISE that promotes your restaurant, and may trigger repeat visits: t-shirts, caps, keyrings and so on.
  • Create a fantasy cricket league to retain loyalty – give customers extra drinks or snacks whenever their team does well, like having their opposing team’s batsman is out-bowled. This will foster that sense of camaraderie between you and your customers and keep bring them back to your restaurant throughout the tournament.

These strategies will all go towards creating a fun, engaging atmosphere. Establish some great traditions now, and people will remember you for next time.

Remember, a cricket match is a long leisurely affair – take advantage and keep your food offers running throughout the day. Limited time offers (LTOs) can be flagged on social media and in your shop-front and will drive purchases – people won’t want to miss out!

  •  An LTO during the lunch/tea break (e.g. all dishes half price!)
  • Tweak the names of your top selling dishes after the 10 teams playing (give customers a stamp card – for every five they try they get one free, and if they manage all 10 consider a bigger reward. 
  • Combination meals with fun cricket-themed names, e.g. Doosra, Dilscoop, Slinga, Freehit, Googly, Bokku, Pol-Adi, etc.